Website Development – How to get yours done quickly

Website Development

Website Development


Without fail, whenever we ask our clients how soon they want their website development completed, they answer, “Yesterday!”.  Having got websites out in anywhere from 2 hours to a couple of days … let me assure you … these projects can be done quickly and effectively but…

There’s a HUGE “BUT” in this one!

And that rests solely with you, our client.  We can only go as fast as you equip us to.

The websites we are able to get completed and published quickly are the ones where our clients are organised, where they provide us with good quality images and content and clear instructions about what they need their website to accomplish.

So if you want your website yesterday, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have good quality logo to use?
    Your logo is essential to the look and branding of your website.  If you have a terrible quality logo, it brings the whole design down and looks very unprofessional.
  • Do you know what functionality you need and want on your website?
    We will meet with you and discuss this, but its worth writing down what you hope to achieve with you website and how you think you can achieve this.  Check out your competition online to get an idea of what they are doing well or not, etc.
  • Do you have your content together?
    Whilst we are excellent at what we do, clairvoyance is not one of our skills, nor are we likely experts in your field, industry or company.  We therefore need you to write down what you want to advertise about your business.  What are your standout features, who is your team, what products or services do you offer, do you have written testimonials, etc.  We will design you a gorgeous website, but it is meaningless and useless without effective content.
  • Are you in a position to pay your deposit?
    We cannot start working on your project until we receive a deposit.


Agree a timeframe

Once all the questions asked have been answered and you and your designer and developer have a plan together for your website, be clear on your timeframes.  If you have a large or complex website, agree timeframes for specific areas / functionality on the website.  Responding quickly to requests for further clarity, content or feedback during the development of your website will help the developer move quickly on your project.

How long should your website development take?

This is a little like asking how long is a piece of string.  Here’s a ballpark to give you some guidelines … if your website is a brochure style website with a small number of pages and all your content and logo, relevant images, etc. have been provided to your designer and developer you should expect your website development to take about a week.  If you have a large or complex website with for example e-commerce, many products, complicated functionality, custom written functionality, etc. your website development can take anywhere from a month to several months.

Website development is an exciting process … we LOVE every website we work on and want to complete your project as quickly and expertly as possible!  Give your designer and developer the correct tools and you too will LOVE the process of having your website developed.

If you would like more information on website design and development, feel free to contact us to discuss this further.


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