Setting a featured image for your post

It’s important to set a Featured Image because this is often used in the various views of your Posts on your website.  If you have a Blog / Posts Page for example, this will normally display the featured image, the title of the post and a short extract of the post.  Different themes display the featured image in different places and sizes but as a rule we would say always set a featured image.

Set Featured Image

  1. Go to right hand sidebar area and scroll down to the section called “Featured Image”.
  2. Click on “Set Featured Image”.
  3. This will open a screen that displays all images you already have loaded on your website.
    • If you want to use an existing image:
      • Click on the image required.
        Click on “Set Featured Image” (bottom right)
        You will be taken back to the post page.
    • If you want to upload a new image that is not already loaded on your website:
      • Click on “Upload files”(top menu)
        Click on“Select Files” and browse for the image you want to use.
        Double click on image and it will be loaded into the image window.
        Click on “Set Featured Image” (bottom right) – you will be taken back to the post page.
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