Adding categories to your post

Add Categories

Depending on how your site has been set up, your products may be visible by category via a menu.  This is why it is important to categorise products, you can have multiple categories as pertains to your particular site and product range.  Categories can also be nested to create more specificity.

Once you have created your Post and typed in your content go to the sidebar area on the right hand side of the screen and find a block called “Categories”.

  1. Either :
    1. Select a category (if any have already been created you will see them listed) by ticking the box next to it
    2. Or create a new category by clicking on “Add New Category” –  dialogue box will open beneath and you can give your category a name and choose a Parent Category (if you are creating a nested sub-category).
  2. Click Add
  3. The new category will be added and it will be automatically selected.


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