Adding categories to your page

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Depending on how your site has been set up, your products may be visible by category via a menu.  This is why it is important to categorise products and you can have multiple categories as pertains to your particular site and product range.

There are two ways in which you can categorise your Pages :

  1. Once you have created your Page and typed in your content go to the sidebar area on the right hand side of the screen and find a block called “Categories”.
  2. Select a category (if already created) or create your own by clicking on “Add a Category” –  dialogue box will open beneath and you can give your category your own title.

or :

  1. Scroll down to “Pages” on the Navigation Panel on the left hand side
  2. Select “Categories”
  3. Category window will open – select “Add New Category” and type in the relevant title. There is a dialog box titled “Description” lower down on the page which you may use if you require more detailed information
  4. Once you have checked your title scroll down and click on “Add New Category”
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